Phonetic Reading Classes for Children

Christ-Centered   Year Round   Comprehensive   Accelerated   Developmental


  • Establish a strong foundation in the fundamentals of reading
  • Develop phonetic awareness 
  • Build comprehension skills
  • Participate in activities that make reading enjoyable  

Emergent Reader  

  • Develop early phonetic decoding skills
  • Learn sight and high frequency vocabulary words
  • Develop comprehension skills
  • Begin level-appropriate independent reading

Beginning Reader   

  • Solidify phonetic decoding and encoding skills
  • Develop proficiency in phonetic blending
  • Learn sight and high frequency vocabulary words
  • Build fluency
  • Improve comprehension
  • Practice level-appropriate independent reading skills 


  • Develop a high level of reading confidence
  • Use sight and high frequency vocabulary words
  • Refine phonetic decoding and encoding skills
  • Demonstrate fluency and comprehension
  • Use strong independent reading skills

Advanced Reader

  • Evidence strong phonetic decoding proficiency with challenging words
  • Exemplify consistent fluency
  • Excel in reading comprehension
  • Read independently with absorption and critical thinking

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